What Is the Average Cost of CPR Certification Classes in Cincinnati?

It can mean the difference between life and death to know when and how to conduct good CPR. In Cincinnati, you have everything that youneed to help someone in need, whether you’re a Good Samaritan or finishing the training for your employment.

The American Heart Association has recognized the CPR training programs in Cincinnati, which will teach you how to react in a medical emergency.

So, what is the average cost of CPR certification Classes in Cincinnati? Let’s discuss the best CPR courses in Cincinnati and their fees in order to help you stay within your budget.

Factors Influencing the Price of CPR Certification

Some of the factors that could influence the cost of the program include the class type and material. A reputable health organization like the American Heart Association (AHA) or the American Red Cross is the leading provider of certification programs in the United States.

Type of Program & Materials

Below are all the different course types that affect the price:

Adult CPR

The Adult CPR course teaches you how to deal with respiratory and cardiac issues for individuals 12 years of age and older while using the most recent scientific findings. A certificate for Adult CPR is valid for two years and will be given to those who complete this course.

CPR & First Aid Training

Some CPR coursesprovide you with the possibility to get certified and also receive first aid training.In addition to learning how to perform CPR, you will understand how to deal with people with wounds, trauma, orbleeding. You will even learn how to help someone who is choking and gasping for air. In these classes, AED (automated external defibrillator) training isalmost always included.

Workplace CPR Training

To comply with OSHA safety rules and emergency readiness, organizations and institutions in the healthcare sector may teach CPR to company employees. The pricing may vary depending on the specific course material and instruments used, and training is typically given in groups.

Group training has a minimum requirement. With more participants, the cost of group CPR instruction increases. However, mind that your employer might provide this option for free and take on the expenses in some cases.

Basic Life Support Classes for Healthcare Providers

All healthcare workers and emergency medical staff must complete a BLS CPR course. The training in AED orcommon ventilation devices is covered in the course. These courses are required if you want to work in a healthorganization.

When considering the above-mentioned programs, always check for additional hidden fees. Some programs may offer a lower price, but you will need to pay extra for training, skills check-off, testing, and certification card.

Finally, pay attention to how the organization handles the final stage of the course, a.k.a. the certification process. A legitimate CPR certification card cannot be obtained via the internet.

American Heart Association CPR Certification Cost in Cincinnati

CPR, AED, Basic Life Support (BLS), and first aid are all taught according to the highest standards in Cincinnati. The American Heart Association (AHA)has fully certified all of theCPR training programs. It also provides a handy tool to search for certification centers according to your exact place of residence or zip code.

Depending on the type of course and level of skills, AHA will require different fees, and the costs can vary significantly.

For instance, CPR certification in Cincinnati provided by the AHA can cost $79.95. However, this is the price of an all-inclusive course, which is required by medical establishments and rarely by office employers.

So, the price range typically depends on the method of instruction and the availability of online, live, or blended classes.

Also, based on your schedule and availability, all the courses can be modified. You must renew your certification card every two years after completing your course. The reason for it is to keep everyone informed of new information and to improve CPR procedures.

American Red Cross CPR Certification Cost in Cincinnati

The American Red Cross and other national organizations have previously certified and offered CPR certification classes.

For instance, you can sign up, submit an application, and begin training at numerous Red Cross locations all across Cincinnati. You will be given access to a qualified instructor, printable resources, case study examples, mock exams, etc.

Some of the Red Cross CPR certification classes in Cincinnati are:

      1. Classes for Individuals: First Aid, CPR, AED, BLS/CPR for Healthcare Providers, Babysitting and Childcare, skills lessons etc.

      1. Classes for Organizations: Workplace Safety ( FIRST AID / CPR / AED), Healthcare Professionals (BLS / ALS / PALS), training for organizations, etc.

    The level of difficulty, course duration, and material costs all affect the average cost of CPR certification programs in Cincinnati. CPR online certification is $37, online and classroom is between $75 and $350, while CPR held only in the classroom is between $42 and $117.

    You can take CPR classes in person or via thehybrid simulation education program, which enables you to finish your coursework online and demonstrate your abilities in front of a certified instructor. You can obtain complete certification in any way, and it will be valid for two years.

    You may retain your skills after taking CPR lessons in Cincinnati with the free-of-chargetraining, which includesinteractive tests, games, learning exercises, movies, and more. All across the duration of your certification, you cantake a refresher courseto keep your knowledge and abilities up-to-date.

    Cost of Renewal of Your CPR Certification

    Regardless of whether you need CPR certification for work or just for yourself, you should be aware that it will expire two years after you receive it. The Red Cross in Cincinnati makes it simple to keep your CPR certification. The program provides certification courses all year long so you may keep your qualifications and skills fresh.

    The American Heart Association renewal course is for everyone who had previously taken one of the courses from Cincinnati CPR classes. Whether you are going through this training simply as a Good Samaritan or to satisfy OSHA requirements, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting your CPR renewal training on time when it’s the most convenient for you at an affordable price.

    The cost of the renewal course for BLS and AED is $59,95. Other courses that involve less training, such as adult or children CPR, may go for lower prices.

    Discounts & Other Incentives

    There are several options that exist in Cincinnati for earning CPR certification at a lower price. Here are some of our tips:

        • Check for additional hidden fees. Some programs offer a lower price but may include extra costs for training, skills check-off, testing, and certification card

        • Search for group discounts. Usually, for groups of 10 or more, several CPR training facilities offer group discounts.

        • Check with nearby medical facilities or hospitals. For community people, many hospitals and medical facilities offer CPR certification lessons at a reduced cost or occasionally even for free.


      Numerous factors could impact the cost of CPR certification classes in Cincinnati. For instance, some courses can only be taken in person; others can be taken online. There are several that also provide the choice of attending the classes in person or online.

      What is the average cost of CPR certification classes in Cincinnati? The price can change monthly, but the average cost of CPR certification classes in Cincinnati is less than $40 for online training, $40 and up for in-person, and above $70 for blended learning.

      Please take precautions when purchasing CPR certifications online. The American Heart Association doesn’t approve of any course that is only delivered online. AHA-approved training facilities must, at the very least, evaluate everyone’s practical skills.